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Positioning Your Business
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Raising Capital

"Being part of the Project Wildfire process has been life changing for me, my business, and my dreams."
- Theresa Laurico, SociaLIGHT

"Project Wildfire is responsible for converting my basement project, Carbon Savings, to its current direction as a social enterprise. The organization has helped to develop the business model and accelerate its launch and has opened doors by provided valuable connections and lent credibility to the idea."
- Howard Swartz, Carbon Savings

"The handouts were fantastic. The depth and detail of the info and the way it was structured was fabulous."
-Erin Elliot

"Mike was great and so approachable. Wonderful! The information was very helpful!"
-Joseph Tremaine

"I love the notes you handed out. I can concentrate on listening instead of taking notes!"
-Ariel Estulin

"There have been times that I have been in tears, uncertain of my path, and through Mike’s guidance and generosity, he has been a constant source of wisdom for me as I grow, create, innovate, and fulfill on my life’s passion and purpose.

I am forever grateful to Mike and Project Wildfire and will continue to be an advocate and example of what is possible out of this extraordinary initiative and project."

-Theresa Laurico, SociaLIGHT
Small Business Workshops

Project Wildfire is Toronto's leading source of innovative, transformative and useful small business and social enterprise workshops.

Our approach is to make workshops easy to understand, accessible, and immediately applicable to your business.

Our workshops feature interactive exercises, worksheets and tools designed to help you work on your business right away and gain valuable insights into your business model, your customers, and your future.

Upcoming Workshops

Project Wildfire - Muskoka
A 3-day weekend intensive on beautiful Lake Joseph in the Muskoka region of Ontario.

Featuring 3 of Toronto's leading social enterprise consultants, 6 intensive workshop sessions on a variety of topics, 90-minute one-on-one sessions, and numerous outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking and more!

Designed to get you out of the workplace and into the wilderness and your most creative and insightful space, the goal of Project Wildfire Muskoka is to get you to take an in-depth and innovative look at all aspects of your business, gain insights from facilitators and other participants, provide you with the tools for success, and have a ton of fun doing it!

At the end of the weekend you'll come away with a totally new look at your business, valuable insights, completed worksheets on topics such as:

-Your business model
-Your company's mission, vision and values.
-Your Positioning Strategy and Unique Selling Proposition
-Your Innovative Marketing Approach
-Your Financial Models
-Your Financing Plan

Click here for more details and to register for this incredible weekend!

Dates: Oct. 18, 8pm to Oct. 21, 5pm
Location: A stunning 6-bedroom cottage on Lake Joseph
Price: $895 CAD
Register: Click here to register

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