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Jesse Hahn is 27 years old and holds a degree in Environmental Conservation Science with a major in Environmental Economics and Policy from the University of Alberta. He is not just on vacation in Honduras, he is also there volunteering on local community development projects that will help local residents of Trujillo find employment, and create their own, in order to make the most out of a new cruise line terminal that is being built. His idea is simple: Turn the ‘for profit’ model of renewable electricity production into a model that re-distributes the majority of savings to the customers. And do it for residents of Toronto Community Housing buildings or, for that matter, any community. Jesse has studied the economics of renewable energy production for several years and recognizes an opportunity in Ontario that will not just benefit energy entrepreneurs and the environment but it will also benefit people on low or fixed income by reducing their utility bills. This could mean savings anywhere from an extra few bucks a month to an extra fifty. And it could mean a vacation for a family that has never been able to afford one before.



Jesse Hahn commented on "Ever Power Solar" 2011-05-21 2:04pm

Hi B.

If I make it into the top ten, I will make sure I am in Toronto for the workshops.

If I don't make the top ten, I will likely pursue other projects and I hope that someone else will take advantage of the Green Energy Act, Toronto and Ecospark's 'Livegreen Community Animators', Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative research and the plethora of other Solar and community resources in Ont. and copy my idea.

Stay in touch Mr. Rouz. And thanks for showing interest/support.



Jesse Hahn commented on "Ever Power Solar" 2011-05-20 1:36am

Hi Beh Rouz;

Forgive me for not being better informed but my internet connection out here is super slow/a little unreliable so I have not recently updated myself on teh workshop dates. I thought they were through a while ago?

Jesse Hahn commented on "Ever Power Solar" 2011-05-19 9:13pm

Thanks for the wishes ya'll.


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