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After graduating from Bishop's University with majors in sociology and politics, I took a G.A.P. my hometown. Volunteering around Toronto to get experience, I asked my employers to donate to my favourite charity, and brought my widowed grandmas to work and show them my world. This idea stems from being involved on student council and working with my university's board of directors. These grandparents joked about their age, but I was amazed by their abilities at that stage in their life. Another influence came from my summer as a "manny" (male nanny) in Sweden for a doctor couple when I learned about the fragility and strength of humans. As an ex-pat Canadian who had mastered the language and culture, the mother guided me through life in a foreign country and gave me an insider's tour of her hospital for my birthday. I am a guide for people who want to understand other generations and cultures.

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Sam Ho commented on "The G.A.P. - Grand Appreciation Project" 2011-05-26 1:34am

Thanks for all the support everyone! Will do my best :-)

Sam Ho commented on "SociaLIGHT " 2011-05-25 4:36pm

wow! All the very best Theresa :-D "As we let our own LIGHT shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." M. Williamson

Sam Ho commented on "The G.A.P. - Grand Appreciation Project" 2011-05-16 12:43am

Thank you Theresa! I will bring your folks to work so they can show you how proud they are of you ;-)

Sam Ho commented on "The G.A.P. - Grand Appreciation Project" 2011-05-16 12:41am

John, I wish I could help your grandparents too. However, I CAN take your parents to work!

Sam Ho commented on "Better Than Alchemy" 2011-05-15 3:12pm

amazing video, Sharon...FTW!

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