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Valerie is a passionate and inspired individual. She is eager to encourage and support others in following their dreams and visions. She was deeply influenced by John Holt’s works and is an advocate for unschooling and living and learning on one’s own terms. Ricardo Semler and his way of doing business is another strong influence of Valerie’s – leading her to encourage better business practices which value the individual and living life in a balanced way. She does this through conversations, leading by example and, in the near future, by offering relevant workshops on the subject. She enjoys being at the beach, walking around the city and continually bettering her mindset.



Valerie Kalantyrski commented on "Center 31" 2011-05-10 10:14pm

efxaristo Stavro :)

Valerie Kalantyrski commented on "Center 31" 2011-05-09 9:41am

Thanks Jennifer :) :)

Valerie Kalantyrski commented on "Center 31" 2011-05-07 12:22pm

Thanks Sabit :)

Valerie Kalantyrski commented on "Center 31" 2011-05-04 4:09pm

Fernando! Thanks for voting and for your comment! :) Love that Ken Robinson talk!
I'll add you to my daily inspiration/reminder list - let me know if you want out! Most people love it :)

Valerie Kalantyrski commented on "Center 31" 2011-05-03 3:35pm

Here's some inspiration regarding doing what you love:

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