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Howard Swartz commented on "COMMUNL: Shop better, live smarter. " 2011-05-18 10:20pm

Great idea Jordan! Take a look at - it may give you some ideas for the project.

Howard Swartz commented on "Carbon Savings" 2011-05-13 12:50pm

Thank you to all of the loyal supporters who continue to vote and promote this cause. I can't thank you enough!

Howard Swartz commented on "Carbon Savings" 2011-04-23 3:50pm

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project and shared their wonderful comments!

Howard Swartz commented on "Carbon Savings" 2011-04-06 2:41pm


Thank you for the feedback.
It is certainly hard to get the entire message across in just over one minute. The site is currently be developed and I agree with you that there are multiple opportunities for these calculations to support the environmental movement. The extent to which these applications are developed depends on funding. I'm hoping with help from the Centre for Social Innovation, both financial support and guidance, this idea can be applied to a wide range applications.


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