7 days to go!

uploaded by Mike Brcic
added 2011-05-18

There are 7 days left to get your video up on the Project Wildfire website for a chance to win $25,000 in startup funding, a year of mentorship, and a year of free workspace at the Centre for Social Innovation!

Even if you don't make it into the Top 20 in voting, you can still get in as a wildcard - our team will review all of the submissions that didn't make the Top 20 and pick 5 wildcards for the jury to consider. Wildcards won't get any points for their voting score (worth 20% of your overall score), but a good idea can still score high with the judges and make it through to the finals!

Click here for more details about the contest, including ranking criteria and video tips, or click here to enter your video!

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Anika Jarrett commented on "The Process, Explained" 2011-05-27 9:07am

Once explained, I've come to realize just how much thought, consideration and diplomacy was put into planning each phase of this competition. As visionaries and leaders, this is what being socially responsible is all about. Competition or no competition, there should always be room for fairness! The process was wery well explained, and easy to understand. Kudos to Mike and to the rest of the team over at Project Wildfire!

Barry B commented on "Voting closes at midnight tonight!" 2011-05-26 12:13am

Voting closed at 12 but we are still able to vote?...Congrats to all the finalists!!! Everyone's hard work and ideas were great!


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