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posted 2011-07-18 11:41am

Great pitch Matt!

Matt Miller posted 2011-06-06 2:51pm

Check out our new incredible video by Live One Peace on - Sign up if you believe in our idea! We have over 500 likes on Facebook and over 220 followers on Twitter!

Matt Miller posted 2011-06-04 1:47am

Hi Theresa! Thank you so much for your feedback! Your ideas are great and I will definitely consider them moving forward! Please feel free to connect with me at and on twitter @GettingGives

Theresa Laurico posted 2011-05-30 12:22am

Hi Matt! Love your passion! Any platform that is a ONE STOP shop is smart. As a female in your target market - If I can go to a trusted source and know that I'm getting the best deals aggregated onto one site - bingo - I'll come back again. A cool factor that can be considered is - having people donate time and or money to specific needs of the cause/ person that you said you'll feature. Rather than a charity model of just giving money, have people invest in the success and progress of that featured person. So I get a deal on hot shoes I like, but I also gave $ to help by x person a course they really wanted from xx school but couldn't afford - I was part of the community that invested in their future and if possible, I could also email them to give that person resourced, tips, words of encouragement, book/ site/ course/ people references etc. Also as a member of your site, if I can collect "Miles" or some sort of "reward points" I think that would add value and increase return. ALL the best, hope to see u in Top 10- SociaLIGHTS

Matt Miller posted 2011-05-26 1:41pm

Thanks Leslie! I appreciate your feedback!


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