Business Title: Great Heights Home Repair


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Venessa posted 2012-07-26 5:55pm

GOOD JOB!! I hope your dreams come true..and never give up!

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George posted 2012-07-20 11:13pm

I got to say this if you are not an educated
or trained professional I would not post a video indicating that you would have so
called repair and restoration experience. Sorry to say there`s no easy way to the top start from the bottom and work your way up. Flying an idea is great but you have to put theory into action not theory into theory to win a reward where you will end up wasting the funds in the end for your own cause

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Emmy posted 2012-05-10 5:35pm

Donovan, how can I get in touch with you. We have a potential customer and a potential worker for you (with experience).

Theresa Laurico posted 2011-05-30 12:43am

Donovan! Congratulations on having the courage to share your dream for the world and for being a leader in your community! 2 seeds: 1. It's Possible and 2. Action = Results. I can really see your desire to make a positive difference and to build a social business! Great social media skills getting one of the highest votes - Networking, relationships and local support are all important factors to start up success. There are 3 things that I would recommend: 1. The book: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill, "The Power" by Rhonda Byrns, "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins and "Rich Dad Poor Dad." I'd also watch a movie called "The Secret" if you haven't watched it already. With your non-profit, Dreams in the Air, promote your tribe to fly! Higher than ever before! Continue to stay positive and expand your leadership and growth! Get a mentor. Find someone who is doing what you want to do! One of the greatest lessons I've ever learned! Surround yourself with people that support you, are doing extraordinary things and share common values. Invest in yourself - not necessarily money, but time - take the time to learn what is out there, what funding, resources etc. reach out to different key community leaders (in government , schools, etc.) and seek to learn the biographies and stories of other successful young people:) One day, it will be your story! This is the goal of SociaLIGHT! Keep shining and all the best!

Donovan Brooks posted 2011-05-24 5:51pm

Lawrence Heights stand up! One more day! Let's make it count!


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