Our Vision

Sometimes all it takes is the tiniest of sparks to start a wildfire.

A tiny spark to release a firestorm of energy and potential. A tiny spark to transform the world.

In a forest, a fire sets the stage for new growth. A fire can create: heat, steel, energy, change. A fire is a gathering point, where communities come to express their shared hopes and dreams.

F.I.R.E. is Funding, Inspiration, Resources and Education – the building blocks for success.

Our Purpose is to incubate youth business ideas the serve the greater good.

Our Values are the ideals that we hold dear, the shared beliefs that guide us and inform our future

We think the status quo is not working and that our communities need new ideas and new approaches to solving our more pressing problems.

We believe all people should have access to the same opportunities to express their highest hopes and aspirations.

We value learning: the ability to grow and develop in a lifelong quest for happiness and fulfillment.

We believe that listening, true, honest, deep listening to one another, is the key to good learning.

We believe in meritocracy, that one’s willingness to aim higher should be the only barrier to success.

We believe that business can and should serve the greater good.

We believe that transforming the way business is done can and will create massive positive change in the world.